20 August, 2014

Michael Brown Died. So Should We.

Please forgive the sensationalist headline. It will stand to prove a point in a moment.

There are two significant things that have been confirmed by the recent events in the world.

One: We have an insatiable, unquenchable appetite for bad news. We have to remember that the economic engine of the news business is completely and comprehensively dependent on the number of people who view and read - the ratings. If the National Enquirer taught us anything, it's proven that sensationalism drives sales. So it is in the new business. Sensationalism drives readership and viewership.  Period.  Remember that as you expose your mind to the internet news, CNN, FoxNews and others. In fact, you probably made the decision to read this based on my dramatic title.  Score one for sensationalism.  Don't be manipulated.  Think.

Two:  We are impatient when it comes to learning the truth.  That impatience appears as we adopt slices of the truth or sections of the truth as it's dispensed by the media and believe it without any depth of understanding of context or comprehensiveness.  In time, the truth demands that it be worked to the surface.  Truth desires to be exposed.  But it is usually done on its own terms and in its own time. In that regard, be careful little mind what you believe.  Demand the truth but be reasonalby patient for it.

Remember that cynicism is emotional and spiritual cancer.  You can cure it if you catch it early.

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