25 December, 2017

Joy Will Be

"Winter in Towneley Park" - Photo by Paul Green on Unsplash

Joy Will Be

Christmas cheer
So hard to muster
Stemmed from a year
of pain, hurt and fluster.

Life is wrought
With trouble and stress:
Few things go well,
Navigating the mess.

Resources tight,
Patience runs thin.
The end’s not in sight,
No way to win.

Heartache my view,
No way to bend,
Bitterness my brew.
When will it end?

Expectations unmet,
Sorrow to sow.
Full of regret,
Nowhere to go.

As if on cue,
I remember what was
Before life was so blue.

My mind was then clear,
Hope owned the day.
My purpose in view,
Nothing done halfway.

What happened?
Now I know.
My focus became narrow,
I became the show.

I made my life the deal:
My dreams, my will.
I became self-absorbed,
Unable to heal.

The problem with pain,
It distracts and distorts;
Looking for blame,
Keeping love out of sorts.

In the routine of days,
I’m ashamed to admit,
I found myself hopeless,
Wandering lost in the pit.

The love of my life
Knew change was a must.
The courage, those words
I knew I could trust.

So together we sought
Help from on High,
And agreed not to waste
More precious time.

That was last Christmas,
And so much has changed:
Direction, perspective
It’s all rearranged.

Within my own spirit,
I once again know;
never, not once,
Was I in control.

Fresh wind and fresh fire
Have all had a part;
Transforming this soul,
And healing this heart.

The love of a spouse,
family and friends.
A new purpose for days
Enabled amends.

The grace of the Savior,
Persistent and true!
When life falls apart,
His grace is the glue.

This Christmas is different,
In so many ways.
Remember, love is love best
When it’s given away.

So, let love show
For all to see;
Hope will follow,
Joy will be!

"I have told you this so that My joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete." John 15:11

© 2017 Michael D. Clowers

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