13 September, 2006

18 Days of Misery!

For the last 18 days, a little 3 leaf plant has made my life miserable. On day 16, I finally humbled myself and visited Dr. Ford.

The nursing staff and Dr. Ford both must be halfway through season 3 of "24" because they all treated me as if I had some kind of infectuous disease. Both arms were in pretty bad shape.

So a steroid shot and an antibiotic to prevent any staff infection and I'm much better today (after 17 days of misery). Kind of like my wife getting an epidural for our fourth child after having the first three naturally.

"What was I thinking?" she asked me. Same here. Should have saved myself the pain.

Anyway, when I get to heaven, I'll ask the Lord (as if it will really matter) Why poison ivy? Why fleas? Why head lice? And why roaches?

I've just been unable to find any redeeming reason to have these things on this earthly plane!

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