12 September, 2006

The Dad Demand!

I'm consistently amazed at the way technology is changing the way we live. I've started this "blog" in order to journal my daily walk with Christ amidst some pretty amazing circumstances.

I was just reflecting on the "neediness" (is that a word) of my family right now. My precious wife Dana has just turned 50 (looks like 35!) and is dealing with normal life issues.
My first born Alison (21) is engaged to be married on January 6, 2007 so we're planning a wedding. My only son Josiah(16) is closing in on his Eagle Rank in Boy Scouts, is learning to drive and just got a G5. My second daughter Brianna (12) has just begun her journey into womanhood and my fourth child Kimberly (6) keeps us exhausted!

Each of my nearest, dearest relationships is at a life season peak right now. Demand for dad is very high!

Plus, I've just been named a Vice President in an amazing organization that exists for the sole purpose of seeing that every marriage is a godly marriage and every home a godly home! And oh, did I mention that through all of this, God has moved us out on a journey to find a new church home?

I'm so glad that "His mercies are new every morning." Aren't you?


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